Our new home for 2021 is now at whitefusion.studio. But we've decided to leave our old site up too. Because cool URIs don't change. Hope you enjoy our new site!

What's New

  • Swift for Javascript and Ruby Developers

    Last week I had the privilege of presenting on the topic of learning Swift from the perspective of a developer currently familiar with Ruby or Javascript. I showed off some of the reasons why Swift is a pretty exciting language for those used to working with lightweight scripting languages, and I...

  • Minimum Viable Product Backlog

    You will have many, many ideas for your startup product during your initial development cycle. Here's why you should resist the temptation to add them to your product backlog.

  • Goodbye Medium, Hello Jekyll

    Every few years, we're told that we need to abandon self-hosted blogs and join a proprietary network. And every few years, we eventually discover that we got hoodwinked. Here's my journey back into the light.

  • Don’t Fear the Dead Ends

    I hate wasting time. I hate that feeling that the thing I’m spending lots, and lots, and lots of time and energy on might bring me absolutely no results.Examples: Job hunting (so many resumes sent and so little response!). A side project that goes nowhere fast. Budgeting when your expenses exceed...

  • Tell a Compelling Story

    In thinking about the process of product design, it’s all too easy to get lost in the minutiae of implementation details. What something should look like. What features it has. How it helps solve a user’s problem. What it costs. However, it’s important to remember that people don’t always buy things...

  • Respect the User. Welcome to INTERSECT

    INTERSECT is a new blog we're launching to explore the creativity and value that arise at the intersection of technology-powered business growth, design, and engineering.