At Whitefusion, one of our core values is Respect the User. In the year 2018, as the web has matured as a platform for delivering content and software, we find ourselves concerned that good UX (User Experience) design principles and basic moral precepts are not always influencing the way websites and applications get delivered.

Privacy headaches. Invasive user tracking. Security holes. Addiction and manipulation via gamification. Fake news peddled to drive ad revenue. Performance penalties due to overwrought frontend code. Valuable content and functionality trapped in commercial silos. Closed app ecosystems threatening the open web.

These are just a few of the major problems which designers and developers must face head-on while working on the web today. This is why we decided to launch INTERSECT. We wish to lend our voice to the growing chorus of web enthusiasts who champion the principles of open source software, user-focused security and privacy, and standards-based protocols. The web as an open platform, accessible to all, is too important, too valuable to throw by the wayside. We need to preserve what makes it special while at the same time innovating in order to drive it forward.

We’re also huge fans of the Ruby programming language and related frameworks such as Rails and Jekyll. Everything we create at Whitefusion is built on top of these amazing technologies. We like to write about how we use Ruby, Rails, and Jekyll to build great products for our clients and how to become more proficient in using these technologies.

INTERSECT is published by Whitefusion. To learn more about the services we offer, please visit our company website.

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