Our new home for 2021 is now at whitefusion.studio. But we've decided to leave our old site up too. Because cool URIs don't change. Hope you enjoy our new site!

What's New

  • The Archival Benefits of Static Site Generators

    If you value the content you publish and want your sites to remain accessible many decades from now, then it’s time to go static.

  • Jekyll’s Hidden Depths

    As anyone who has used Jekyll for a while knows, it's capable of so much more than first meets the eye. Here are a few tricks I discovered while redesigning my personal website.

  • Why Service Objects are an Anti-Pattern

    Article after article has been published in recent years about the benefits of adding service objects to Rails applications. I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. There is a better way.

  • Use Ruby Objects to Keep Your Rake Tasks Clean

    In the spirit of DHH's On Writing Software Well series, I'll be demonstrating by looking at live production code.

  • Farewell Facebook! Goodbye Google! Why I Rage Quit Javascript Trackers

    I'd had enough. As a fierce advocate of the open web, I couldn't live with myself until I took action.

  • Why DuckDuckGo is a Harbinger of a Better Internet

    It's time to draw a line in the sand. Some companies fight to protect user privacy and security online. Others don't. We need to hold the latter group accountable.